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About Seaside

Seaside is a Sales Outsourcing Bureau in the Hire & Rentals Industry that offers Sourcing and Sales Solutions to our clientele as a one – stop shop through a large network of premier suppliers, property owners and equipment distributors in and around the Coast, Nairobi and Rest of Kenya.

We outsource rentals from property, vacation & holiday, events & party, business and households to construction, moving and logistics through an outstanding management team with direct knowledge of the industry, extensive research experience, and unique administrative skills.

Our partnerships are based throughout the counties, as well as parts of the African region and have access to more and upcoming preferred, leading and popular rentals within their circle of influence.

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If you are looking for Rental Clients, You’ve come to the right place. https://www.seasidebureau.com is the most preferred one-stop online marketplace for lessors, renters, and rental managers to hire fine rentals.Our listing inventory features available all type rentals spread all over our areas of operation. At Seaside, we are changing the way people source, market and sell rentals by combining full service with technology.

For Renters

Let our Bureau guide you to your preferred rental

Search up-to-date rental listings on https://www.seasidebureau.com, narrow down your options by choosing the refinements that are most important to you, and save more than money, time and energy.Our personalized packages include: Rental Packages, Moving Packages, Destination Management Packages and Travel & Concierge Packages. WHAT’s YOUR PREFERENCE?

For Owners

Need help listing your rental?

At Seaside, we combine full service with technology to list, market and close sales, targeting consumers directly by using revealed patterns, trends and associations relating to human behavior and interactions. CALL US FOR DETAILS: +254 733 956 002

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